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A Nikon Film Point & Shoot & Lomography 400

They say that the first bank that approves you for a credit card, you will often stay with for the majority of your life, even if there are better options out there. That may be completely untrue, but I'm sticking with the analogy.

A Nikon D80 was my first camera, and I've been pretty loyal to the brand, even when it didn't make sense.

But how a camera makes me feel is a big factor in how I even take photos.

So when I saw this little guy on eBay I thought - wow I need that. ( you can see what I'm talking about in this video:)

Is it the beautiful analog dials, or the solid metal body? Or the beautiful 2.8 lens? I'm not sure, but this little camera makes me feel like a million bucks when I use it.

On it's inaugural photo taking session with me, my local camera store ran out of Portra 400, and suggested Lomography 400 instead. Lomo what? I obviously have a ways to go in knowing about film stocks, because I was a little disappointed at not having my Portra 400 with me.


Boy did this film stock not disappoint.

The mix of the hard grain, and striking colour made me a true believer.

The flash on the little Nikon was a truly magical touch.

So maybe I should branch out and try other things more often.

Maybe, maybe not.

So off to the photos, it was an adventure to nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake (yes, the dashes are a part of the City's legal name) for our 3rd year anniversary. We stayed at the Prince of Wales hotel, and had a wonderful blind tasting menu at Peller Estates, and it was every bit as magical as those analog dials on the top of the Nikon 28ti.


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