• Luke Cleland

Creative Anxiety.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

I've got no steps or techniques surrounding creative anxiety. The only thing I've got is a list of things I've felt as a creative. And I've talked to many friends that have similar days. So it's not so much help in the way of help, but help in the way of - "Hey - me too".

- I used to care about what I do. I think. Do I care enough?

- Does my work even matter?

- Did I choose the right discipline?

- Am I out of touch?

- What do I even do next?

- I don't even know what I'm good at.

- There are so many people better than me.

- Am I delusional?

- I'm so behind on social media.

- The world is ending.

- I'm the worst.

- I'm a failure.

- I want to do that thing, but I feel so overwhelmed.

I know one of those days. Where all the crazy feelings feel really real. The one thing I do know, is one day can change a lot. One idea. One finished project. One client email. One person telling you - "Hey - me too".


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