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Landing on the Moon?

First time to Utah, and well, first time out of Toronto since early 2020 (1 year and 8 months to be exact), and wow - the world still exists out there! It felt strange to explore, but it also was incredibly energizing.

After spending a few days shooting for work I took the 2 hour drive west to the Salt Flats outside of Salt Lake City. I happened to time the sunset perfectly, and it really did feel like I was on the moon.

As I have been doing recently, I kept myself to only 1 roll of 120 film, which is grand total of 16 images. Liked the following 11.

These first two photographs are on the way to the Salt Flats. It felt so good just to see something I like, pull over on the highway and gallivant with my obnoxiously large Contax 645.

I guess I'm really into telephone wire poles these days.

Below was my first photo at the actual Bonneville Salt Flats, and I was getting some serious Star Wars vibes at this point from this parking/picnic concrete overhang structure, and then after this, it transitioned to mostly moon landing vibes.

Very crusty.

Below, a blurry, selfie, walking photo, shot on film, while your camera is resting on the hood of your car is a very scary proposition. But we all made it through unscathed.

The closer to sunset & blue hour, the more fantastic the hues became.

Hello - it's me.

I really wished I was in a vehicle that had a spare tire hitched to the back, unfortunately my rental was more like a suburban soccer vehicle, but I didn't care much, I was on the open road of 'merica, and it felt good.

That's all for now. Those rolls go quick.


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