• Luke Cleland

My little green notebook

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I just took a look at my emails this morning. One of them was from Seth Godin. I've been getting his daily emails for a few years now, and his consistency is astounding.

Today's email reminded me that the most important blog is mine. The one I will write today, the one that no one will read. Seth pushes this point over and over again. The importance of writing every day. I kind of believed him, I believed him enough in 2019 to write a few posts during the span of 2 months. But I didn't fully believe, or maybe understand what he was saying.

To write is to think. He says.

I have this little green notebook. It's a hardcover moleskine notebook. I went to graphic design school, of course I buy moleskine. I bought it to write all my great ideas in. To be the place of inspiration, and astounding ideas. But that became overwhelming, and it mostly just on the shelf.

At the beginning of 2020, when the COVID 19 lockdown first happened, I opened the rarely touched green notebook, and started to think. I started to write. I wrote down quotes, and ideas, and inspiration. I wrote down my struggles, and concerns. I made it a place of thinking. Then that notebook came alive. I was excited to write, I was excited to think. And it wasn't until I started thinking that the great ideas came. With now just 2 blank pages left, I think I understand what it means to write, and therefore to think. Thanks Seth.


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