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New Neighbourhood, New Film

You have those moments in life where things happen, and as you're seeing it unfold in front of you, you think "This didn't even cross my mind"!

It was kind of a silly, inconsequential moment, but it definitely struck me. I had intentionally gone to a specific street to take a photo in the middle of winter, and a few months later we would move to steps away from where I took that photo. It felt weird.

My point is, it reminded me to not get so stuck into what I can imagine, because even if you have a good imagination, you can only image so many things, and there are some good things out there that you haven't even thought of yet. So be open to the process, it may just surprise you.

So, we moved to very downtown Toronto. Part of why it never crossed my mind, is because I never thought I would LIKE to live THIS downtown. But here we are, and it's awesome.

I guess I imagined a lot of loud things, a lot of people walking on top of you, and just kind of stressful.

Did I mention loud?

I think these photos sum up our neighbourhood pretty well, so, you tell me, was I wrong? I think I was.

The other half of this post is the fact that I shot all of this on the now discontinued Fuji Pro 400H 120 film stock. I'm not very interested in typing out much about that, but here's a video where I talk a little more about it.

There's a lot of green.

It's funny how you get used to seeing things so quickly. The buildings and vignettes that used to wow me when I turned the corner, look just "pretty nice" now.

But photographs have this way of allowing you to see things again. To see them again for the first time.


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