• Luke Cleland

Stop the Alfalfa

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

This summer season marks six years of taking photos everyday for my job. A job in highschool I didn't even think was possible. I had no idea people would pay me for something I loved doing all the time for free.

I don't know the exact amount, but I've created about 100,000 images for clients. That's quite a load of images.

This is the first year that I've purposefully sought out feedback and criticism in my work. Not that I didn't want feedback before, but that it just never happened on its own. Sure clients would say "Oh this is fantastic"" or "Better than I imagined!" but client feedback is really different than getting a peer to take a look behind the portfolio, opening up that RAW image and telling you what they really think.

Have you ever come back home, looked into the mirror and said with horror "Wait, that's what I looked like?" You had hair your hair sticking up in an Alfalfa manner all day and had no idea (and I mean the little rascals Alfalfa, not the vegetable).

Don't do creative work alone. You need mirrors all around you, not too many mirrors otherwise it gets freaky. But put up a few well selected mirrors so that your creative work doesn't start growing weird appendages that you didn't intend to grow.

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