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Shoot Like an Artist

Shoot Like an Artist


*** Ordering will close on June 1st ***


Luke's first ever photo book. Well, a photo essay-theory-chat-pep talk book. It's 72 pages and is printed in a 7x9 format. Prices are in USD. 


"With stiff and frozen hands gripping my Nikon, that early January morning  in Toronto was not making it easy for me. But sure enough I still found myself roaming the streets searching for something that later seemed so obvious. But that wasn’t so just a few months earlier. Eventually I had a vision of shooting this city in a way that I had never seen before. But when I started the project I felt like an idiot, a loser, anything but an artist. It wasn’t comfortable at all, but it was a path that I tried - and in trying I found out how to shoot like an artist; accidentally, yet entirely on purpose. "


    Due to the print nature of this book, refunds are not offered.


    This is a 72 page 7x9 book printed on high quality paper in the United Kingdom. 


    Each book will be mailed via standard letter mail from Toronto, Canada. 

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