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Take your wedding photography to the next level with this full wedding review. Luke will take a detailed walk through one of your entire weddings, and screen record a coaching session for you. He will give you detailed notes on each aspect of the wedding day, and break it down into what you did well, what you did poorly, and then what you could improve on. He will then put together an improvement plan listing out all of the areas where you could grow. 


If you want to dive deeper, you can also upgrade by adding on a 1:1 Coaching Q&A (1 hour long), to further talk through how you could best implement your new improvement plan. 


There are only a limited amount of spaces available, and it will go out of stock. 

Wedding Review Coaching

  • After your purchase, you will send Luke your full wedding gallery. Detailed instructions will be sent in an email to you after purchase. For the best experience, send all the images you took on a wedding day, both those you sent to the client and those you did not send. If you don't have all the images, or would like a final wedding gallery reviewed instead, you can send the gallery link, and instructions will be provided after purchase. 

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