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I'm a portrait & lifestyle photographer and I've been running a wedding photography business with my wife Allie called Cleland Photographs since 2013. 

I've always been in love with cameras, and shot my first wedding at 17, but apparently started at 9 (see photo). I didn't think photography was a real job, so I went to university to get a BFA in Design, but I didn't even make it out of University in 2013 before I found myself with a full year of weddings. So I said goodbye to my graphic design internship at the time and started my career as a photographer. I've never looked back. 

I've been fortunate enough to photograph clients all over the world, from New York to Paris, and Los Angles to Hong Kong. I've been beyond blessed to take photos everyday for the last decade, and I'm thankful for the opportunities in life God has given to me.

I've recently been putting more resources into teaching others how to view life as an artist with a camera in hand. Through 1-on-1 coaching, portfolio reviews & my Youtube channel, I'm passionate about helping others reach their potential, and telling the stories that only they can tell, with as much goodness, truth, and beauty as possible. 


As an artist, I don't see photography solely as a photocopy of life. Photography is an interpretation, a story, a visual feast. It conveys meaning unlike anything else can. And every time I stand in front of an individual, who's gifted me this opportunity to record this one precious life for them, I count it as an honour. 

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