People and cameras are my favorite. Life is full of thousands of beautiful little stories. My goal is to help you experience those stories over and over again through well-crafted, authentic-looking images. 

I focus on producing technically sound photos with a personal style to charm.

I believe that the best images can't happen unless the subjects are enjoying themselves. That's why when you work with Cleland Studios, I personally make sure you have a great experience, full of laughs and stories to go with your photos.

Lastly, every image tells a story. I see every shoot as an entire book needing a beginning, an ending, and all the details. The story needs to be compelling, artistic, and worthy to be looked at over and over again.


I've always been a fan of real life. Not posed or contrived, but real raw stuff. Sometimes that's a little scary, a little beautiful, and a little sad. That is what makes life, life. 

That's how I take photos. I walk, climb, and run around to capture what's happening. Whether it's a engagement shoot, a two day camping shoot for advertising, or a month long excursion to China - photos are best complimented with a story of experience. 

Sure, sometimes real life needs a bit of direction, but that's besides the point. 

That's why I believe photography is a two way experience. Everyone is involved, everyone affects the image. We will laugh, cry, and maybe even sweat a little together.

It's that choosing of what kind of gelato we should get, 
running to stop a practicing bag piper from wrecking the mood of your wedding,
and exploring those Parisian gardens after your rehearsal that makes images powerful.

All things that have happened, and all things that change a simple photo shoot into a life experience. 

Don't loose sight of your own life in array of cool looking Pinterest boards. Experience your own, we'll snap a few photos, and I promise you - your life is better.