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Fall Film Walk

It's always something I liked the idea of, but never really did it much until the last couple of years.

A photo walk.

Maybe because there's this pressure to come up with something by the end of the walk. Where will you go, what will you shoot? But it's this incredible little creative tool. It's creating a processes and following it. It's creating rules and following them, and then seeing what happens.

A few weeks ago I went on a photo walk with a friend, who recently inherited his dad's Olympus film camera, and wanted to chat film and shoot together. It's a perfect little process to take photos. And just the thing that I quite like. Lots of talking, photo taking, and walking slowly (some call it painfully slowly).

We walked around the University of Toronto, which is new to me, but old stomping grounds for my friend, who just finished his PhD from U of T.

It's one of the gems in this city that get overlooked by the usual photos of Toronto on Instagram. You know, the NYC wannabe photos of Bay and King.

Allie and I have thoroughly walked the St. George grounds - so we thought.

But it takes a local student to reveal all the secret paths and courtyards.

I'm getting to know a new side of Toronto I've never seen. A surprisingly leafy city, with skyscrapers, old architecture, and street car lines that mix into a place like no other.

Anyone up for a photo walk?


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